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Due to the rapidly growing trend of fast fashion around the world, the know-how of French fashion is becoming forgotten.

However, we strongly believe that traditional French techniques need to be preserved and conserved with great care and love.

It’s now time to dress ourselves with real style and individuality while also respecting our planet.

This is Karry Annah’s promise.


Karry Annah is a close collaboration between two young women from two different worlds and cultures who share the same dream; the dream of presenting elegance and sophistication of French fashion to women.


We have Karina our tailor who possesses high quality cutting techniques and fabrication skills. Previously, she was trained by tailors of men’s suits in Paris and she worked for several Parisian fashion houses.

We also have Valentine, our fashion designer who would love you to discover her timeless lines inspired by different aspects of architecture. As a graduate of a Parisian fashion school, Valentine has experience working in mass-market fashion for several years.


We are joining our differences and skills to bring back the essential, contemporary elegance with responsibility. We limit unnecessary stocks, provide our expertise at your service, and offer you high quality limited edition collections.

Garments are made upon your order. We produce less than 100 pieces for each design which offers women the uniqueness they desire.

We select exceptional fabric that has not been used by fashion houses during previous seasons.

Why produce new fabric when some precious remaining materials haven’t had the chance to shine?


We believe that when we respect what is around us, we can create beautiful things.


We value the comfort of natural fabrics, their quality, and the feeling which reflects in them, because nothing is more divine than to wrap yourself with silk in summer and wool in winter.


It’s in our atelier, in the suburb of Paris, where we create each of your pieces with great care and attention.

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